Feb 14, 2005


Well, I have been feeling better and getting into the routine of being at the gym at 5:30 weekdays. My body has adjusted to it, and I'm not feeling pretty good when I roll out of bed instead of wondering what the heck is going on.

We did our first 1 mile plus swim session last week, and it is a real confidence booster for the 1/4 iron in June. Only .6 mile swim for that so it should be no problem. The problem is that I will have to run 6 miles at the end of it, and I had to totally stop running to let my knee heal. It has started to feel better though, so I'm going to ease back into it this week.

The other new thing for me is Yoga, I have been taking a class 1-3 times a week for the past month now, its been great. I feel more flexible and stronger already. Try, you'll like it :)


Jan 12, 2005

Exercise in frustration

Well.. the training has been going well... until I got hurt. My knee has been killing me so I've had to curtial most of the running and biking. The weight lifting has been going fine, and I'm headed to the local Y today to check out the pool and get the swimming kicked back into gear.

Oh... I've also started up my MBA program again. Looks to be a lot more work this semester, oh well at least I won't be bored.


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