Jan 23, 2006

Just keep spinning, spinning...

So I'm starting to get in the spinning class habit. I did it last year of the winter, and noticed I got a lot stronger so I've added it back in this winter as well. M-W-F at 5:45 is tough to get up for, but it makes for a good day for the most part. Monday's class is an hour with a taskmaster! She's tough, but pushes you pretty good.

In other news, solid week last week, I got close to 8 hours of training in. 5 straight days of running, not long distances, but I've wanted to get the repetition in. Hopefully I'll have some longer runs this week.


Jan 20, 2006

I'm in for Mooseman...

Well, I'm commited now, I signed up for the Mooseman International distance triathlon in June. The swim is longer this year, close to a mile so I'm not sure if my goal of 2:45 is still doable. I finished in 3:15 last year, but the swim was only .6 mile. It's still doable if I can meet my first goal of running the 10k in under an hour. Not real fast, but I'm not much of a runner, and it's a bit harder to run fast after biking for an hour an a half.

I'm still considering signing up for Timberman, which is a 1/2 Iron (1.2 mi swim /56 mi bike / 13.1 mi run). If I can train consistently for another couple of months, I'll probably sign up. The race isn't till August, but it's likely to fill up soon.


Jan 3, 2006

New Year

Well... its a new year, should I post more.. hehe.

Been working on Biztalk lately, and it's pretty frustrating. The feedback loop for making changes takes a long time, so you end up spending a lot of time doing repetitive steps to see if your fix worked. Sounds like Microsoft has fixed this a bit in 2006, hopefully it will be better.


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