Nov 26, 2008


Somewhat better, but still not good! We only won a single game and lost two, but I'm still encouraged by our team's talent. Our current problem is the lack of good setters, we have 2 setters out of 8 people, and a few others that do a little bit of setting when necessary.

We need to play better next week for sure!


Nov 20, 2008

On the Train

On the way to our office in Aurora on the ouskirts of Chicago. I'm planning to spend the day working there, including a tour of our MedBill operations.
Had a nice day yesterday, somehow we got upgraded to a suite at the hotel and its really nice with a separate living room and huge bathroom. We walked around a bit and I went into the Garmin GPS store. Nice watches, but my wife wasn't impressed so we moved on.

I also stopped at the Nike store and ended up buying some tennis shoes. (Don't get carried away Jack, I'm not playing tennis). My legs and feet have been bothering me from playing Volleyball and Racquetball lately and I decided that I needed some better supporting shoes.

Speaking of Volleyball, I started again on Monday, but its been a hectic week so I haent posted. The results were poor, but our team definitely has talent. We were out of sync, but I could see flashes of really good play.

I also got a good tip from Norm on my spiking and I'm looking forward to trying it next week.

Carry on...


Nov 19, 2008


Landed in Chicago. We don't have much planned for the rest of the day. Looking forward to lunch at Giordanos Pizza though.

Posted from my Blackberry


Nov 12, 2008

Message of the Day


Nov 11, 2008

Racquetball results

Had a few good games last night. I lost both games of cutthroat, but then when we played 2vs2 I was on the winning side both times. I've been thinking of getting some new shoes though, the games have been beating up my legs pretty good. Perhaps some basketball like sneakers would be better than running shoes for the cutting and jumping that is necessary for racquetball and volleyball as well.


Nov 10, 2008

Biking in the rain...

... is not a whole lot of fun, but better than nothing. I got out for a nice ride on Saturday afternoon, with plenty of time to get a good ride in, and then it started pouring. Still managed to get some good miles in, although with slick conditions it can get a little tricky. I slid out a few times, including up on top of the big rock where I posted the video from last week. The new knee pads work great by the way!

Racquetball tonight, only one more week before Volleyball starts. It looks like I have a good team from what I can see, and I finally got to be on my cousin's team for a change!


Nov 4, 2008

Almost 3 hours of Racquetball

Yeah, it's a workout! I'm a bit stiff and sore this morning, both from running around like crazy and all the crashing I did. Had a good time though, it's always nice to get a good workout in the form of sports. It's definitely easier to keep moving when you are playing a game!

I played for a while with my brother and then my uncle and cousin showed up. It's interesting the differences between 1vs1, 2vs2 and 1v2 or cutthroat. One on one is a lot more work, and you get pretty tired because you have to get to every shot. The rallies are shorter however, so it's more bursts of energy and less endurance to some extent. Two on two leads to really long rallies, and you need to try and make shots instead of just returning the ball. You're not going to win a lot of doubles games by playing defensive.

In some ways, I think 1vs2 or cutthroat may be my favorite. It's a good mix of intensity with a little bit longer rallies. As a defender, you are trying to make good shots and stay aggressive since you have a partner to cover for you if you get out of position. When you are on offense, you need to play a bit more defensive and maintain good positioning but still take a chance when you have a good shot. There's a bit more strategy in the 1vs2 game, since you need to know when to take your chances, you don't have anyone to cover for you if you get out of position.

Would have been a perfect evening if the Redskins had managed to hold up their end...


Mooseman followup

Got a couple of questions lately about Mooseman and where to stay so I thought I'd post...

The first year I went, I stayed at the "Race Camp" which was a summer camp that they had opened early for racers. It was bunk style lodging and not a very good experience! 10 people to a room and uncomfortable cots made for a pretty poor nights sleep.

Ever since then, I've borrowed my parents camper and stayed at the Newfound RV Park. This has worked great, it's been fun to hang out with a group of friends who are racing and we ususally have plenty of space. It's a bit early in the year for most campers, but there is typically 4 or 5 other groups of racers there and a very relaxed atmosphere. I highly recommend it, it's clean and right on the bike course not far from the park where the race is held.


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