Oct 31, 2007

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Oct 30, 2007

Bump, Set, Spike

My trip summary from the Long Trail this past weekend is coming... for a brief preview "... wet ..."

Anyway... my volleyball league started last night. We rotate the teams we play, ultimately playing all five of the other teams twice I believe. A match is 3 games, and your total wins are tracked for the playoffs. I've played a bit there before in the pickup games that happen after the league games are over, but this is the first time I've been official.

It should be a fun couple of months, my brother, uncle, 2 cousins, and a good family friend are all playing. We are mostly split up, I happen to be on a team without any family. For the first week we were playing my brother and Greg, the family friend. There was a bit of pre-match trash talking and I certainly wasn't shy ;). After a quick meeting with my teammates, we set our rotation up and got warmed up for the games. Things are actually very well organized as there's a pretty good scheme for positioning and rotation to ensure everyone knows where they are supposed to be, and to set up the big hitters for the spikes. We have a pretty solid team, with a good mix of setters and hitters.

I played okay, without making a lot of mistakes although I did muff one serve. I didn't have any real good kills in the game as I played a bit conservative to start, but did a good job of digging out a couple spikes. We ended up winning all three games, mostly because the other team didn't seem as organized as we were. It was a combination of some good talent along with a good sense of team play and consistency.

I also hung around afterward and played pickup with a bunch of folks, including all of my family. This was a lot of fun, and I worked on being more aggressive with both my serve and net play. Overall, a very fun evening, although it was pretty tough to get up early the next morning!


Oct 26, 2007

Second take

This time we're going...

I have a short appointment, and then I'm headed up on the Long Trail with my uncle, for a nice walk in the woods. I'm hoping it will be fairly nice and that it doesn't rain too much. There's a bit of rain predicted for tonight and tomorrow, but such is life in the outdoors.

I'm not sure it's a coincedence or not, but for the first time this year I had to scrape frost off my windshield when I got in my truck this morning!


Oct 24, 2007

Rained out

Or at least postponed...

We cancelled our trip on the Long Trail last weekend since the weather was crazy and my uncle had a conflict come up at work. We going to retry this Friday and Saturday instead, hopefully it will go well.

I have no news on the bike frame at this point, I dropped it off at the bike shop and they are working with Trek to see what they can do for a replacement. Unfortunately it sounds like it may take a few weeks.


Oct 17, 2007

Frame fallout

I'm headed to the bike shop to check on a replacement for the frame I cracked this weekend... check out the damage!


Oct 16, 2007

MTB failure

A good sunday that ended badly...

A large group of us went to Soapstone Sunday morning for a nice long mountain bike ride which was a lot of fun. Some pretty good fast descents that were a lot of fun, but something went wrong on one of the bumps I'm guessing. Later in the ride when I got off the bike to swing it around after getting off the trail I grabbed the seat and it came off in my hands. My frame had broken just above the top tube and the seat tube was totally broken. I tried riding a bit without the seat which wasn't much fun, then figured that it would sit in the hole on the seat post. I had to take it easy since I didn't want it to fall off in the middle of a bump.

I'll post some pictures soon... in the meantime, I'm trying to figure out my options. I've sent an email to Trek to see if I can get a replacement of some sort, and I've asked my brother to see what he thinks about welding it... we'll see.


Oct 12, 2007


I've gotten complaints that I'm letting down my vast legion of fans by not posting often enough, so with that prompting here you go!

It's really been a month of the blahs, but things are starting to heat up. I'm eager for the start of the Volleyball league that I've joined, and I'm going to be playing tennis again for the 3rd time in the last few weeks with some guys from work. They sucked me in after blathering on about how much fun it is all summer, so I've agreed to play a few times. In return, I'm expecting a mountain bike trip!

I've also starting gearing up for the start of my Long Trail adventure next week. I've gotten most of the stuff I need so far, with the exception of food. I'm trying to decide whether I should go with the fancy trail stuff or if I can just find something easy to make that is portable in the regular grocery store. It's going to be a relatively short trip, my uncle and I are mostly interested in working out the logistics for longer trips later on, and to see how we do pace wise and such. We are doing the first division, starting just inside the MA border, and walking into Vermont ending up at Route 9 after a hike of around 14 miles.

So that's the latest from here, not much to speak of but I've started getting restless.


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