Jul 25, 2006

Taking the plunge

Whoohoo! I'm in for Lake Placid 2007!! One of the lucky ones in fact, since the race filled up in 30 minutes and lots of people did not get in.

So now I'm committed! My biking has increased lately, and that's a good start but I need to keep adding to my running so that I have a good base to start from this winter. Swimming will take care of itself as long as I put the time in.

I'm excited about the challenge, and have decided to treat myself to a new bike to make sure I'm totally prepared. I'm going up to see Ian at Fitwerx to get fitted and make sure the bike works for me.

Should be a challenging year!


Jul 21, 2006

AmI Ready??

Am I ready, am I really ready??

Ironman is a huge challenge, at least for those of us who live ordinary lives and haven't yet tried one. Life is about challenges though, and I'm starting to see that I rely on them to really live my life. I've finished my master's degree, and although I'm married and I have three kids to go along with my full-time job, it seems that I need another goal.

The thing is, the race I'm interested in; Ironman USA in Lake Placid, is happening this weekend, and due to a "feature" of the Ironman races registration is Monday. The commitment needs to be made now! Swimming I can do... biking I can do... even running to a certain extent. The question is putting them all together.

How do you know you're really ready?


Jul 7, 2006

Running scared

Went for a nice run yesterday from the Farmington office. As I headed out the door, on a whim I decided to take a new route but apparently I didn't think it through well enough. Circled around the park in New Britain, but I missed the first turn and didn't really know where I was. Not a great place to get lost, but ultimately I ended up having a nice run of about 7 miles (3 more than I had planned for)

Moral of the story... make sure you know the neighborhood a little before heading out :)


Jul 6, 2006

Ramping Up

1 Long Bike, 1 Long Run, and 1 Long Swim...

That's the plan anyway, as I start moving towards longer distance. My max bike at this point is 3 hours and 50 miles, run is 1:45 and 9 miles, and 1 hour and 1.5 mile swim. They aren't great numbers, but a good base. My bane at this point is consistency, I need to really focus on getting out there every day. Goal for July is something every day, with a minimum of 25 days for July. So far, not great with the holiday weekend and being away, but I do have some longer distances in.

Good info that I'm following is Gordo's basic ironman week... http://www.coachgordo.com/gtips/race_strategy/basic_ironman_week.html

The idea is a key session in each discipline, and then add in 2 other workouts per sport as well.


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