Apr 27, 2009


Lots of thoughts...

Tough to get injured, especially since I don't seem to heal as fast as I used to. My volleyball season has potentially two more nights, tonight is round one of the playoffs and if we make it then the finals are next Monday. I clearly can't play tonight, but if we win I suppose next week would be a possibility. I've been mulling around heading down tonight to watch, and perhaps get some sort of a workout in...

Along those lines, I'm hopeful that I can back to at least some form of Crossfit workouts this week. If I get to the gym tonight I'll try some of the movements and work, but most of the Workouts have at least some portion of lower body involved. I'm not real stable with a weak ankle at the moment and don't want to have a setback, so I'm a bit mixed about trying too much.

Finally, it was nice to get track season started again. For the last few years I've been an assistant coach with our town's youth track program. Mike, the head coach, has made some interesting changes this year and I'm excited to see how it plays out. We had our first practice on Saturday and have about 70 kids signed up at this point. I suspect we'll get a few more, we've peaked out at 115 in the past. I couldn't do much with the group, but helped a little with some core exercises as a warmup and then stretching at the end. My two oldest daughters are participating, and I may get my youngest to come out occasionally.


Apr 24, 2009

Injury Update

Since I know you care....

My ankle is feeling better, but looking worse. I've been walking close to normal on it now.
I'm not sure this picture shows the rich tones and delicate, subtle color overtones... but it's the best I can do!


Apr 21, 2009

Big Ouch!

I think my Volleyball season came to a screetching halt last night... hopefully not my Triathlon season as well!

I rolled my ankle after landing on my cousins foot in an attempt to block his spike.  Considerable pain, and not much walking at the moment... we'll see how it goes, hopefully things will get better quickly.  The good news is that we won all 3 games and are the 3rd seed in the playoffs... the bad news is that the playoffs start next week, and I doubt I'll be able to play.


Apr 7, 2009

Long Overdue

Lots has happened...

Less than thrilled with my Hockanum river race results, we were 5th.

Went 1-2 at Volleyball, not particularly good considering we weren't playing a very good team

Got a brace for my elbow, but it didn't completely help for Racquetball... I did get a new racquet though!

Leaving for Florida on Thursday! Hoping to get to a Crossfit affiliate near Naples.


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