Dec 3, 2009

Holiday Eating

Thanksgiving is typically about 2 things, being grateful for what you have and eating! The eating part didn't come at a great time for me with my new diet focus, but as I mentioned previously, I've been more interested in habit changes rather than fast progress. The immediate drop was tremendously gratifying, but it hasn't lasted. The good news is that even with the holiday I've been able to maintain some focus and keep my weight right were it was before.

I'm still at around 220-222 lbs, even with a bit more cheating as a result of Turkey day. I've been consistent with getting to Crossfit Relentless for a morning workout and have stayed pretty true to a Paleo type diet. Essentially, this means lots of protein and veggies and stay away from sugar and processed food or refined carbohydrates that turn into sugar. I've done a lot of reading on diet and have found some really good information at:


Its worth some time reading in my opinion, ultimately it's not about a "diet", it's about eating better food and using it as fuel for your body.


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