May 26, 2009

Couple snapshots from the past few days...

I did get in a nice long (56mi) bike ride yesterday up in Vermont, and then spent some time with the kids and my parents biking and hanging out in the hammock along the CT River in Vermont....

Here's some pics from the weekend, first my favorite sign during my bike ride!

Post ride recovery in the hammock with my youngest!

Took the two older ones one a rails to trails bike ride... lots of sand, so it was pretty tough actually. They also had some covered bridges, including this one here.

Here's my middle daughter, she's a trooper. She hung tough on the ride, struggling through the deep sand which took her down a few times. She's pretty determined though, and wouldn't quit!


May 21, 2009

Essence of my trip to Virginia

Or at least the drive anyway....


May 19, 2009

Crazy week planned

I'm headed to Virginia tonight with the family for a "vacation". The reality is that I will be spending the whole time in the hotel room working remotely for about 10 hours a day, but after that it will be fun!!

The good news is that once again I was able to find a Crossfit affiliate within driving distance and I'm hoping to get to work out a few times with them while I'm down there. My elbow goes back and forth, but the new strap that my uncle got me to brace it seems to be working much better. Hopefully it will hold up to a few workouts while I'm away and then I can be back at it.

To make the week crazier, once we get home this weekend we're supposed to go to my aunt's place in Vermont for the holiday weekend. Maybe I'll get a nice bike ride in though... hoping that Memorial Day is nice enough for me to head out for a few hours.


May 12, 2009

More injury updates...

Wow, I can't even lift my arm up today without a lot of pain... guess I shouldn't have tried to play Racquetball last night!

It was a pretty frustrating day at work yesterday, so I wanted to get to the gym after watching my daughters Chorus concert. I was going to do a Crossfit workout, but most of the usual Monday night Racquetball crew was there so I decided to jump into a game. I ended up playing for a few hours and got to run around a lot which was good. The other good news is that even though I forgot my ankle brace I didn't really notice any issues with my left ankle. The sprain is almost entirely healed. It's still sore, but improving a bit everyday. It's still noticeable when pushing off, my power is reduced a bit when cutting or jumping off my left foot, but I can make do.

I'm rather anxious to get back on my bike, it's been a while, so it's good that my ankle has healed enough. It's probably better for my elbow to use the bike to get my exercise as well. The other good news is that I've gotten into the Lake for a Swim twice already have been at least running with the Track club so I'm not a total slug!


May 5, 2009

Volleyball Season Ends...

Well... my volleyball season ended last night with a bit of a whimper. We lost the first 3 games in the playoffs and are out. It was a difficult match, we were shorthanded with 2 of our best players unavailable, and myself with a bum ankle.

Starting the game, we had 5 players with really only John and myself hitting... and I wasn't sure how much jumping I was going to be able to do. It turned out that I could move fairly well, but I didn't have much explosion at all in my legs and couldn't get up in the air very much. Then, halfway through the second game, one of our ladies took a spike directly to the nose and left the match... we were down to four players!

Still, we managed to keep every game close, we were within a few points on all three but when push came to shove we couldn't make enough plays. It was good to play again after 2 weeks resting my ankle, and I held up okay throughout. Every day the ankle feels a little bit better and today is no different so that's really encouraging.... hopefully I can get back to regular workouts again soon.


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