Nov 1, 2014

Been a long time... catchy title here.

Really just a test post.

I just changed it.


Jan 24, 2012


Signed up for an Ironman distance race this year... much has happened and much will happen. ChesapeakeMan in September! Going to be an interesting year both and work and home. Follow my workouts here:


May 3, 2010

Canoe Wrap-up

Whitewater canoe racing season is over... and the results were pretty good.  A fourth place, third place and two first places!

I raced the Scantic with my uncle Eric and although I think we were running well, we ended up going over three times and that pushed us off the podium.  It was a bit frustrating since if felt as if we made stupid mistakes that cost us.  Scantic Results:

For the Hockanum, I raced with Greg and while we had no major mishaps, we fell behind Eric and Nate and ended up taking 3rd place.  The Hock tends to get decided by maneuverability and strong paddling and although we had a strong finish it was clearly not enough to catch the 2 boats ahead of us.  Hockanum results:

The last race was this past weekend, the New England Whitewater Championships and Eric and I were reunited for the 2 events, the 1 mile sprint and the full 5 mile downriver race.  The course is more challenging then the other races we've done, but we had a perfect fun for the 1 mile sprint and came close to catching our main competition that started 1 minute ahead of us.  The longer 5 mile race started and we again got through most of the first section well, with one mishap were I ended up falling out of the boat.  We recovered quickly and then ran an almost flawless race, really hitting the rapids well including the tough Class III section.  The final result was first place, beating the next boat by almost 2 minutes.  We did get a mention in the Keene Sentinel :

You can check out pictures from the first two events here: or


Apr 8, 2010

Hock coming Up!

The Hockanum River Race is coming this Sunday and I'm hoping for a slightly better showing than at the Scantic. I'll have a different race partner, as Eric will be racing with his son, but hopefully the results will be better anyway.

We paddled the first 2/3rds of the course last night which includes most of the tricky parts, the rapids and the twisty areas. There really isn't much from a rapids perspective, one section behind the old Economy Electric area (which is a good viewing area by the way!) that isn't really all that difficult. It will mostly be about avoiding other boats and not getting hung up on the ledges. There are not significant drops, but going over the ledges occasionally grabs the canoe and slows you up a lot especially if you need to jump out of the boat and pull it past the rocks. The rest of the race will be about navigating the tight turns and then just paddling straight and fast.

Looking forward to it and hoping we get some more spectators!


Apr 1, 2010

Scantic Race Carnage

It wasn't pretty, went in 3 times after 3 mistakes through the race and ended up in 4th place. You can see the race pictures here:

My personal carnage starts at picture 165....


Mar 4, 2010

No I'm not dead :)

It's been a very busy and stimulating couple of weeks at work and so I haven't had the opportunity to post. I did finish my month of Paleo pretty strong and have really preferred eating this way so I suspect my eating habits will stay changed for the most part. I do still like sweets and will probably eat them occasionally, but I would guess that on average I will stick to a Paleo approach.

I'm really looking forward to spring and summer as my typical race season will get underway. It will be nice to see how my diet and exercise gains will translate.


Feb 22, 2010

Final week!

Final week of February is underway, and I have to deem the diet a success regardless. Although, I may actually miss both of my original goals (210 lbs, >100grams of carbs), I feel better and have really changed my eating habits.

I'm still getting to eat great food, check out the picture of the tuna steaks I made this past weekend for my wife and I to enjoy while the kids were away! It was pretty easy too, a little ground cumin, and some freshly ground salt and pepper pressed into the fish and then I seared it in my cast iron skillet. I got the recipe from here, a great source from good Paleo recipes.

Unfortunately, I managed to burn my finger when I splashed myself with hot oil, but that is irrelevant to our current discussion!

I have certainly lost weight, and probably more importantly I'm in better shape. I've lost close to 2 inches off my waist, and close to four if you go back as far as late summer. My weight is between 212 and 214 now, so I won't make it to less that 210, but I am creeping closer! Plus, I'm stronger by far, (I did 8 straight dead hang pullups last week, my deadlift and bench press max have gone up) and I recover better. We played football a week ago and I had no leftover soreness the following two days like I have in the past.

The key test from a fitness perspective will come on Saturday when I'm hoping to run the Colchester 1/2 Marathon. I haven't done any specific running training, and so I'm really anxious to see how Crossfit is going to translate for me. It's a tough, hilly course that I've run a few years ago in 2hrs and 17mins. Finishing strong and feeling good will be a decent validation of my work, I don't really even need to beat that time to feel good about progress.

While the end of February will be the end of my personal challenge, I'm not really anticipating going right back to my old eating habits. I don't really crave sweets and sugar as much as I did before anyone, and I would like to keep up the progress that I'm making.


Feb 16, 2010


It's been 2 weeks since I started my Paleo diet challenge and although I haven't been 100% compliant, I would say it's worked very well for me so far. This morning I weighed in at 212 lbs, but more importantly, I feel really good.

I did make an adjustment and added a protein and carb shake right after my workouts which seems to have helped me recover a bit better. I'm taking about 26 grams of carbohydrates and 60 grams of protein which may still be a bit light on the carbs but I don't want to lose the weight loss goal. My next focus is going to be on upping my water intake, I'm usually drinking coffee all day long and I'd like to switch that to water. I do take it black, so I'm not getting a lot of calories, but from a hydration perspective I think I would do better with more calories. I have noticed a tendency to cramp a bit more and I suspect that adding water would help since I don't have as much other fluids in my diet anymore.

The best part really is that I can feel my tastes changing! Sugar and sweets don't have the same pull, and my urge to snack is totally different. I do have craving for nuts which I need to be careful about since they are so addictive and add up fast in terms of calories!

It's definitely a different mindset for me, and I'm convinced that it's entirely due to the fact that I'm recording it all since I imagine hundreds of people are following along and I don't want to let them down!


Feb 10, 2010


The second week has started tough, real tough. I'm not feeling great, questioning my eating strategy and not recovering the way I want to from my workouts. Despite that, I've tried to not change too much other than adding a recovery drink with more protein and carbs immediately after my morning workout.

Unfortunately, I slipped a bit yesterday although in retrospect it wasn't all that bad and it did involve having a nice dinner with my kids! We made homemade pizza with a thin wheat crust, chicken and spinach meatballs, onions and cheese. It may have partially been a result of the way my body has been feeling with workouts as well and the fact that I skipped yesterday to recover. It gave me a blah feeling all day long but hopefully it will be worth it in the long run. I have read a bit about a tough lag a week or so after starting Paleo, and it has certainly worked out that way for me. I'm still determined to work through it though, the goals that I set are still well within reach for the month and that feels like the most important thing.

Taking a day off certainly seems to have helped me this morning, I set a new P.R. in both the bench press (230lbs) as well as with Jackie (1000 meter row,50 -45lb thruster, 30 pull-ups: 10:35) Last time I did Jackie it took me 10:37, but the key difference is that I had to scale the pull ups (jumping pull ups instead of regular). Very happy to say that pull-ups have ceased being a complete limiter for me. Still tough, and pretty hard to do 30 in a row, especially after the rowing and thrusters, but it feels great to really do the workout as prescribed!


Feb 8, 2010

Week 1 continued reflections

I'm meeting my goals, averaging 95.6 grams of carbohydrate and I've weighed in at 214 pounds! The one negative is that I'm starting to feel that my workouts are suffering a bit. I have two thoughts, either I don't have enough carbs to fuel ahead of time, or my diet isn't supporting recovery well enough.

I felt a bit flat on Thursday at Racquetball, and then Friday's workout really hurt. My shoulders do not feel like they have recovered since, and really bothered me again this morning. Of course, I helped move some heavy logs for my brother on Saturday and then played Racquetball for 2 hours on Sunday, so perhaps I need a rest day!

We'll see how I feel tonight, I may take tomorrow off, although I think it's unlikely at this point.


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