Sep 17, 2008


What does this say about me?? I have Google ads enabled, and the Google algorithm tries to put up appropriate ads based on the content of the blog...

Guess I need to stick more to one thing perhaps?



Sorry for the slacking, but just a quick update. A solid two days of lifting so far this week, and I managed to play some racquetball as well. A bit of cutthroat with my brother and cousin (1 vs. 2), and then played a doubles match with my uncle and 2 other gym rats. I have really enjoyed playing racquetball even though I'm not a great player. It's definitely a workout; short bursts of energy and constant motion especially in a 2v2 environment. The rallies can be much longer and you get into the flow of the game better I think.

Much better than tennis anyway!


Sep 2, 2008

Case Mtn on Saturday!

Just getting around to posting this, but I had a great ride on Saturday with my uncle Eric and Sean, who happens to be my dentist!

We met at 7:30, or at least we were supposed to meet them, but due to various alarm clock defiecencies we didn't get connected until 8 and Josh never showed up at all! Ultimately, we followed the blue trail all the way out past slick rock and the big drop, check out the map below that I hijacked from at We came back on the purple trail and then straight down from the peak instead of via the road on a trail I hadn't been on before. It was a blast, almost 2 1/2 hours of work!

It rained much of the time, so I didn't pull the camera out much, but here are the two guys I went with.


Monthly Summary - August

It's been a while, but since I have a good result to announce I figure I should do a monthly summary. This was a good month in terms of overall hours at least, and also good in terms of racing and general good times!

It was nice to see that I got over 30 hours for the month! This is composed mostly by over 20 hours of strength training! The rest is racing at Winding Trails, a bunch of mountain bike rides and my restart of running.

I almost forgot how motivating it was to see the numbers pile up in terms of hours that I've completed. I'm hopeful that September will be almost as big.


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