Aug 21, 2009

Raced at Terramungus

Raced a sprint tri last night along with a bunch of folks from work... here's the results, not too bad a showing, I ultimately ended up running fairly well... couldn't recover from my poor swim though.

Here's my uncle finishing the run...


Aug 18, 2009

Running results

Sorry... let me correct this, it was intended to be a link to the 2.6 mile Bolton Race results that my uncle and cousin did last week...

Cool Running- Bolton XC Race

While I'm at it, I should mention that I also did a 5k last week, my first in about 6 years and set a nice P.R.  25:56 for a 8:22 pace on a fairly hilly course.  The official results show over 26 minutes, but I'm going to go with my watch time (mostly because I like the results better!) since I think it's a bit more accurate in this case.


Aug 15, 2009

Recovery Ride??

Morning bike ride with Eric


Aug 12, 2009

Training Works!

The running I've been able to do in the last 2 weeks has started to pay off... I felt faster throughout the race and fresher once I hit the run. It was a bit of a struggle towards the end of the course, but I still hit a P.R. on this particular bike course... Fastest Swim time, fastest Bike time and fastest run time!

Swim: 9:26 Bike: 28:54 Run: 30:22
Total: 1:08:41


Aug 8, 2009

Running with my new Toy

I've been wanting to try out the AllsportsGPS tracking software for my phone for a while. Essentially it uses the GPS in your phone to track your pace, elevation, distance, etc. while you're running and acts as a training log for your workouts. It has a running and biking option along with a few others like hiking that I can use to gauge how I'm performing.

I got to use it for the first time last evening when I ran from my house to my in-laws where my wife was spending the afternoon by the pool with the kids.

Distance:4.22 mi (Change units)
Average Speed:6.7 mph
Duration:Total: 0:46:55
Active: 0:38:01
Resting: 0:08:53
Elevation:Total Gain: 299 ft
Total Loss: 299 ft
Net Change: 0 ft

It seemed to work pretty well, although I'm not sure how it figures the resting part and the elevation. I did stop twice, once to answer the phone and the second time when my mother was passing in her van and pulled over to say hi. I'll continue to use it and track my runs over the next month to see if I can get it dialed in pretty well. At the very least it will be a fun way to record my running as I get ready for the Hartford 1/2 Marathon which is back on the "probably" list after dropping off the list during my injury hiatus.


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