Sep 28, 2006

Bike adaptation

Whoohoo, my new bike is here! I decided to get a tri bike since I've been doing triathlons for three years on my road bike and I’m going to be doing IMLP next year. I wanted to do it right, so I went up to Fitwerx in VT, and had them fit me. This weekend, I went and picked up my new black Guru Cron`Alu. I’m thinking of naming it Gerald… an obscure reference to a Pink Floyd tune (Extra points for naming the song)

In any case, being excited about the bike, I go for a spin on Tuesday evening. Hmm… going from a roadbike setup to spending an hour in the aero position is different. So, anyone have thoughts on how quick the adaptation will be, any exercises to do off the bike to help. My riding time is a bit limited at the moment, I’m training for the Hartford ½ marathon in a few weeks. For the record, it’s mostly my next that is sore, although the forearms aren’t feeling great either.


Sep 13, 2006

Don't Ask...

I need the image :)


Sep 1, 2006

Winding trails wrap up

Well, this Tuesday was the last race of the season at Winding Trails. It poured the whole time, the course was a muddy mess, but it couldn't have been more fun! My brother, brother-in-law, uncle, cousin, and a friend were there and it was a big party! It's a lot of fun to have more people around, and we attended the after party together. Lots of good door prizes (I didn't win my age group :) ), I won a $75 gift certificate to a jewelry store.

Good series this year, I had fun and also improved. I'm definitly better at the long slow stuff, but the sprints are still fun!


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