Jun 25, 2008


DNS - Did Not Start - As in no racing last night... why? Because I'm an idiot, that's why!

Last week, when attempting to take my bike of the rack on my truck, I broke the key in the lock and couldn't remove it. I spent a few days looking for the second key and after having finally found it I was relieved to not have to cut off the lock. So I got ready and headed for Winding Trails in order to race last night, but discover 1/2 hour before race time that I didn't bring the good key with me! Thus, I was all dressed up with my bike locked firmly to my truck! I supposed I could have lobbied for using the truck instead of my bike but I was out of the race!

Instead I headed for my uncle's birthday party a bit early and had some cake! Oh well... there's always next week.


Jun 24, 2008

T-Storms and Cycling

We were on the beach for my cousin Carolyn's wedding on Saturday and I wanted to stay later while my wife went home to let the babysitter go. Unfortunately, she took the keys with her and so we had to leave the van for the night. This seemed like a good reason to take a long bike ride on Sunday since I needed to get the van and I didn't want to use the gas or someone else's time to make the round trip.

I headed out for the 56 mile trip at around 10 AM with everything looking pretty good except the weather seemed a bit shaky. I made it about halfway before the downpour started and I heard the loudest clap of thunder I've ever heard. I was pretty close to vaulting off my bike! I stopped to wait out the worst of it, but needed to get going so that I could get home for my daughter's birthday party. It was a hilly and wet ride, but ultimately a pretty nice route.

Next time I should probably check the weather, but I suspect I would probably have good anyway :)

Here's the route I took:

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Jun 19, 2008


When considering my post below with the 3 Amigos posing, I ask you to consider the following article.

Free ice cream to everyone that can correctly match the pose technique with the 3 pictures! Let me know your answers and I'll mail the winner a sundae. :)


WT Race #1 Results / Splits

From Platt Systems

Overall 1:04:35 Place in Division 6/9 Swim 7:37 Bike 28:37 Run 28:21
Overall 1:06:14 Place in Division 21/33 Swim 7:51 Bike 28:40 Run 29:43
Overall 1:08:39 Place in Division 26/31 Swim 8:01 Bike 31:19 Run 29:19
Overall 1:21:10 Place in Division 5/6 Swim 9:45 Bike 34:14 Run 37:11
Overall 1:21:13 Place in Division 6/6 Swim 10:01 Bike 34:01 Run 37:11


Jun 18, 2008

And the winner is...

My brother!

It was a great race, we were neck and neck throughout the race. He was slightly better at each event, but I would catch and pass him in the transition area. He beat me out of the water by 13 seconds, but I changed faster and was out on the bike first. We went back and forth a few times on the course which they had changed from last year. It was a tougher course in that it was harder to get a good rhythm going because of all the turns. (From the times, it appears to be a bit slower course as well) He ended up passing me and staying ahead into transition where I promptly passed again and left for the run ahead of him. I tried my best to drop him for good, thinking if I could get out of his sight he would be a bit down and I could stay ahead but apparently I was never out of range entirely. We a little over a mile to go he passed me for good and I pulled up a bit realizing I would not be able to stay with him and I was hurting pretty good.

Really fun though and it should be a good season of us pushing each other back and forth all year!


Jun 17, 2008

WT Series - It's on Tonight!

Step up boys... who wants it most? We have the regular contenders, Myself, Matt, Eric, Greg, Nate, Brendan... perhaps a few new folks, Kevin, Jack, Satish, Jon... an old standby Sean!

There can be only one!

Well... do you have what it takes?


Jun 16, 2008

Mooseman Adventure - Day 1

Friday - June 6

I took the day off on Friday to finish my packing, take my youngest daughter on her field trip with preschool and then head up to New Hampshire for the start of Moosefest. It was promising to be an exciting and fun weekend, there was lots of racing involved, and hopefully a good time for everyone including the 3 racers and 3 spectators. My brother Matt and uncle Eric were racing with me on Sunday, and I was also racing on Saturday. I had 2 brother's in law coming up to spectate along with a family friend. The plan was to camp out for the weekend and spend a relaxing few days in grueling exercise :)

Friday morning was pretty rainy and my daughter's field trip got cancelled so I was able to get a little bit earlier start. Unfortunately, since it was pouring everything was soaked when we wanted to pack up the camper. After closing everything up and throwing a fan in to help air things out when we got there, I picked up my uncle and brother and hit the road. We stopped for lunch on the way up at Subway and arrived in Bristol, NH at around 4 pm. After setting up the camper and trying to air things out we headed over to Wellington State Park for the race expo and sign in.

Sign in went smoothly, we were able to pick up our packets for Sunday's race as well as my packet for Saturday's Olympic distance race. I posted pictures from the expo and park site previously if you are interested in the view. We then headed home for a dinner of Pork Ribs and Edamame salad and waited for the rest of the crew to arrive.


3 Amigos

Who's the sexiest?


Jun 13, 2008


Crazy week, so I haven't gotten a chance to write much of a report on the race in New Hampshire, the big remodeling project that we are doing at home, the trip to a Pawtucket Red Sox game, or my planned weekend away with my wife for our anniversary!

Hopefully the suspense is killing everyone and the wait will make it better!


Jun 9, 2008


It was really hot!

Not a great race as a result of the heat and my legs being tired from Saturday's race. I did finish though and was one of only 20 or so that completed both events over the weekend.


Jun 7, 2008

The volunteer Moosemen

Here's my brother-in-laws volunteering.

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Day 1 Done

I finished! 3 hours and 26 seconds. Shortened swim due to really bad fog, but a great race. It was pretty hot, and its supposed to be even hotter tomorrow.

Looking forward to it.

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Jun 6, 2008


Dinner time.

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We've arrived! Rainy start so far, everything is pretty damp in the camper still, but the forecast looks good. We're at the park for packet pick-up and registration.

Headed back to the campground in a bit for dinner.

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Jun 5, 2008


1 day till I leave. I'm hoping to post from my phone again, so this is a brief test.

I'll keep everyone posted.

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Jun 2, 2008

Taper time!

I'm ready to taper again... 5 days till Mooseman weekend!

I had a pretty good weekend, went for a nice swim on Saturday morning, and did a little running. I'll be riding to work a couple of days, including today, and maybe two swim practices. My knee is still not feeling 100 percent, so I'm pretty sure I'm in for some pain this weekend but overall it should still be fun.

My plan is to head to NH sometime on Friday, probably midday with my brother and uncle. We need to set up the camper and pick up race packets and probably check out the race expo a bit. I grabbed some ribs for dinner on Friday night as well, it should be an enjoyable evening. Hopefully it will be relaxing before the carnage to come. As I've mentioned before, I'm racing Saturday and Sunday, about 35 miles total on Sat. and just over 70 miles on Sun. No, I don't have a logical explanation, it just sort of happened.

Stay tuned...


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