Sep 29, 2009


I've taken a few weeks off to rejuvenate a bit and let my ankle heal. As most of you readers know, I've been whining about my sprained ankle for the last few months as I've struggled to get my form back and mostly failed. (One could argue that my form consists of struggling, but I digress...)

In any case, the time off seems to have helped as my ankle continues to feel better bit by bit. I have been able to still have fun, playing the occasionally Racquetball match and riding a bit, but it hasn't been very long or very intense...

That changed a bit a week ago on Sunday as I headed up to Boston for Hub on Wheels, and ultimately the 50 mile course. It turned out to be a really great course, basically they took what seemed like every park in Boston and connected them all together. Check it out here.

I'm still on my "Off Season" though!!


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