Nov 21, 2007

Volleyball week 3

Not a great result, we were 1-2 but it was a good effort and well played game. We played against the top team in the standings, and they were definitely a little bit better than us. More strikers and a better mix of setters on their team than ours. They also played with 6 while we played with 8, which is sometimes more difficult because you have to rotate people in and out and this makes it difficult to get into a rythmn.

I thought we played fairly well, staying consistent and working together. Our size hurt us a bit on the front line as they could rotate 4 big hitters, and consistently have a big man on the front. Our team on the other hand has 3 big guys and 2 (including myself) that are a bit smaller. Thus, with the rotation there would occasionally be a mismatch and it would be difficult for us to win the points.

Overall, I need to continue to work on being more aggressive with my kills. I'm still a bit hesitant to go for a hard spike since I'm worried about hitting into the net. I think this is a result of being a bit out of shape for volleyball, and not having the confidence to go for it. I'll have to continue to work on this aspect of my game in the pickup sessions as well as mentally focusing on it.


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