Dec 9, 2004

Back in the Saddle

Well, it's time to get serious again. My triathlon race goals for next year are the Mooseman 1/4 iron in June, the Lobsterman Olympic distance in Aug/Sept and a whole bunch of sprints in between.

With those goals in mind, I started my offseason training plan. I'm going to be weight training M-W-F, and trying to fit in 1 bike, 1 swim and 2 running sessions around that. In February, I will have to ramp up the swimming, biking and running, but we'll deal with that when it gets here.

Yesterday was my first day of weight training in 6 months... and yes, I'm sore. I feel better than I thought though, it's nice to be in a little better shape than expected. I'm feeling a bit ambitious, and may try to enter my workouts here... we'll see.


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