Dec 1, 2004

Spin Cycle

It happens to all of us. Intellectually we know that the mad rush to release code that's late will put us in the spin cycle of fix/release/new bug/fix/release/new bug!

Yes, another project is a bit late and I have a lot of work to do. So we rush in fixes and cause more problems. We will learn from this mistake... I doubt it.

On another note, I'm reading Joel Spolsky's latest work "Joel on Software and lots of other things" (slightly paraphrased there ;) ) It's very good, and I highly recommend it. He has a lot of good ideas which would undoubtedly fix some of the problems I've described above. I have made one vow though, if I fix anything in the next few months, it will be setting up daily builds to ensure bug counts and integration issues remain at the minimum.


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