Sep 12, 2007

The Long Trail

I'm working on the planning for my next adventure, and have started to gather supplies and dates for my trip on The Long Trail in Vermont with my uncle. The general idea is to spend the next few years hiking the 270 miles in sections 2-4 days at a time. Of course, who knows if we'll actually finish the entire thing, but it's a nice goal to have, and probably doable with a bit of work. If you figure 20 miles per trip (3 days worth of hiking for 20 miles should be reasonable), then I would need to take 14 trips to complete the whole trail. At 3 times a year, we're looking at 5 years... so again, it's doable.

I've done some backpacking in the past, spending 3 days on the Long Trail in fact after I graduated from college. I really enjoyed it, and always wanted to do more. With my family growing up a bit, and a little more stability I now have a bit more time to pursue things like this. Fortunately, my uncle Steve is also interested, and I have someone to do the hike with. It's much easier to justify the time if I can spend quality time with a family member :)

In other news, still no word on the shoulder, the doc was off yesterday with the Jewish holiday.


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