Sep 11, 2007


I got an MRI on my left shoulder this morning... it still hasn't gotten better after I hurt it playing volleyball. It was an interesting experience, I've never had one before. Basically you spend a 1/2 hour in a small tube where you are blasted by weird noises. Not a whole lot of fun, but not too bad either.

I also heard from my swim coach who is going to be starting up the Master's swim program again in the fall... but I'm not sure how much swimming I'm going to be doing until my shoulder gets better.

I also have started to plan the backpacking trip on the Long Trail with my uncle. We're planning to start on the southern most part of the trail and do a few days every once in a while with the hope of eventually doing the whole thing. Its 270 miles, so it'll take a few years, but it's doable. I did order a new sleeping bag, since using my daughter's is not going to cut it anymore :)


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