Dec 11, 2007

Running challenge

I'm trying to find a way to get my running kickstarted again and make things more interesting. There was a time last year when I really got into the flow of running and started to enjoy it a lot. I'd like to get back there! One of the really fun events I did last year was the Colchester 1/2 marathon in February despite the brutal cold. I'm thinking there's a way to wrap these two items together.

There are 75 days between now and the 1/2 marathon on February 23... perhaps another challenge to set say 60 as a target number of days to run. That's quite a bit, but it would force me into consistency which would ultimately be my goal. I should probably set a number of miles too in order to add a bit of spice. I need to find a way to get it back into my daily schedule, probably by starting to run during the day at work again.

The best case scenario is that someone else, either a friend or relative, would join me in this challenge. Perhaps someone could pick a different activity, or even a few different folks? Anyone interested? It would be nice to have a bit of competition to keep me going... we could even put a small wager on it. Or not.

Drop me a note in email or a comment below if you're interested...


Jakada 2:35 PM  

Just don't see how to make running interesting. But this is from a part-time runner. I'd say the basic motivation is for one's own personal fitness (i.e. before and after) and then use that fitness for something like your tri-athlete events, tennis or basketball games. Use an iPod for one that pumps architecture best practices into your head? Unless if you can get a number of folks for 5 mile challenge races. The runner's high after definitely helps with any stress too.

TopSpin,  10:04 AM  

I always saw running as a means to support a greater ambition (Better Fitness, Drop weight, Better posture, Quickness, etc).

However I felt your challenge is interesting. I never ran more than 3 miles continuously and i know how tough it is especially during winter.

Mangold DW 11:08 AM  

I agree with both of your comments, running was always a means to an end. Interesting though, when I was doing a LOT of running, I would get to the point where I really enjoyed it during a run. I hope to get back to that point some time.

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