Aug 8, 2009

Running with my new Toy

I've been wanting to try out the AllsportsGPS tracking software for my phone for a while. Essentially it uses the GPS in your phone to track your pace, elevation, distance, etc. while you're running and acts as a training log for your workouts. It has a running and biking option along with a few others like hiking that I can use to gauge how I'm performing.

I got to use it for the first time last evening when I ran from my house to my in-laws where my wife was spending the afternoon by the pool with the kids.

Distance:4.22 mi (Change units)
Average Speed:6.7 mph
Duration:Total: 0:46:55
Active: 0:38:01
Resting: 0:08:53
Elevation:Total Gain: 299 ft
Total Loss: 299 ft
Net Change: 0 ft

It seemed to work pretty well, although I'm not sure how it figures the resting part and the elevation. I did stop twice, once to answer the phone and the second time when my mother was passing in her van and pulled over to say hi. I'll continue to use it and track my runs over the next month to see if I can get it dialed in pretty well. At the very least it will be a fun way to record my running as I get ready for the Hartford 1/2 Marathon which is back on the "probably" list after dropping off the list during my injury hiatus.


David Criswell 6:56 PM  

Thanks for the info on the new toy. I didn't even think about using my blackberry as a training tool. Have you tried to import the data into anything other than their web service? I use and it would be great to bring the data into that.

Dave 8:14 PM  

Good question Dave... I'll have to check into it. Haven't done anything other than upload it to their site yet. I like the blackberry tool because I also use my phone for an MP3 player and of course in an emergency I have the phone so it's convenient to have all one package. I'll do some poking around and let you know.

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