Jan 19, 2010

Winter Race Report! +

I actually have a race report during the winter... and it's a triathlon! Last Saturday I did an indoor tri with an interesting twist. Instead of the traditional swim, bike and run for a particular distance, it was a time event. We swam for 10 minutes (score was number of laps), biked for 30 minutes (scored by mileage), and ran for 20 minutes (miles). Then results were calculated by distance covered. I did pretty well, felt good throughout and enjoyed the day. I was hoping to have a better result on the bike, but since they didn't count resistance it became a spin as fast as you can on light resistance workout which wasn't really my strength.

You can see the results here, I competed with a friend from work and members of his family. His wife Jen won the women's competition with an outstanding swim and then solid bike and run numbers.

The good news is that I felt good even considering that I haven't specifically trained for the race. My theory has been to use Crossfit to get into great shape and presume that the event would take care of itself. I've been feeling better and better and definitely getting leaner so it's been good progress and the race has validated my approach to some extent. I got the results I would have gotten had I trained specifically without having to slog through long, slow workouts. Long-term, I'm convince this is going to help me...

Plus I get to do really fun stuff like lift really heavy stones. The bottom picture is the 150 lb stone, and the top picture is after I got the 175 lb one up on my shoulder! Fun stuff! Thanks to Merle at Crossfit Relentless for pushing me and taking the photos. There's a few more of me working out on my Facebook page.


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