Jul 6, 2006

Ramping Up

1 Long Bike, 1 Long Run, and 1 Long Swim...

That's the plan anyway, as I start moving towards longer distance. My max bike at this point is 3 hours and 50 miles, run is 1:45 and 9 miles, and 1 hour and 1.5 mile swim. They aren't great numbers, but a good base. My bane at this point is consistency, I need to really focus on getting out there every day. Goal for July is something every day, with a minimum of 25 days for July. So far, not great with the holiday weekend and being away, but I do have some longer distances in.

Good info that I'm following is Gordo's basic ironman week... http://www.coachgordo.com/gtips/race_strategy/basic_ironman_week.html

The idea is a key session in each discipline, and then add in 2 other workouts per sport as well.


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