Oct 12, 2007


I've gotten complaints that I'm letting down my vast legion of fans by not posting often enough, so with that prompting here you go!

It's really been a month of the blahs, but things are starting to heat up. I'm eager for the start of the Volleyball league that I've joined, and I'm going to be playing tennis again for the 3rd time in the last few weeks with some guys from work. They sucked me in after blathering on about how much fun it is all summer, so I've agreed to play a few times. In return, I'm expecting a mountain bike trip!

I've also starting gearing up for the start of my Long Trail adventure next week. I've gotten most of the stuff I need so far, with the exception of food. I'm trying to decide whether I should go with the fancy trail stuff or if I can just find something easy to make that is portable in the regular grocery store. It's going to be a relatively short trip, my uncle and I are mostly interested in working out the logistics for longer trips later on, and to see how we do pace wise and such. We are doing the first division, starting just inside the MA border, and walking into Vermont ending up at Route 9 after a hike of around 14 miles.

So that's the latest from here, not much to speak of but I've started getting restless.


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