Jun 18, 2008

And the winner is...

My brother!

It was a great race, we were neck and neck throughout the race. He was slightly better at each event, but I would catch and pass him in the transition area. He beat me out of the water by 13 seconds, but I changed faster and was out on the bike first. We went back and forth a few times on the course which they had changed from last year. It was a tougher course in that it was harder to get a good rhythm going because of all the turns. (From the times, it appears to be a bit slower course as well) He ended up passing me and staying ahead into transition where I promptly passed again and left for the run ahead of him. I tried my best to drop him for good, thinking if I could get out of his sight he would be a bit down and I could stay ahead but apparently I was never out of range entirely. We a little over a mile to go he passed me for good and I pulled up a bit realizing I would not be able to stay with him and I was hurting pretty good.

Really fun though and it should be a good season of us pushing each other back and forth all year!


Anonymous,  7:56 AM  

Congrats on the second place finish. Though I still think you missed out on a great oppurtunity especially when top seeds like Jack and satish are not in the race.

Next time, make sure you break open the race early and hold on to the lead.

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