Jun 16, 2008

Mooseman Adventure - Day 1

Friday - June 6

I took the day off on Friday to finish my packing, take my youngest daughter on her field trip with preschool and then head up to New Hampshire for the start of Moosefest. It was promising to be an exciting and fun weekend, there was lots of racing involved, and hopefully a good time for everyone including the 3 racers and 3 spectators. My brother Matt and uncle Eric were racing with me on Sunday, and I was also racing on Saturday. I had 2 brother's in law coming up to spectate along with a family friend. The plan was to camp out for the weekend and spend a relaxing few days in grueling exercise :)

Friday morning was pretty rainy and my daughter's field trip got cancelled so I was able to get a little bit earlier start. Unfortunately, since it was pouring everything was soaked when we wanted to pack up the camper. After closing everything up and throwing a fan in to help air things out when we got there, I picked up my uncle and brother and hit the road. We stopped for lunch on the way up at Subway and arrived in Bristol, NH at around 4 pm. After setting up the camper and trying to air things out we headed over to Wellington State Park for the race expo and sign in.

Sign in went smoothly, we were able to pick up our packets for Sunday's race as well as my packet for Saturday's Olympic distance race. I posted pictures from the expo and park site previously if you are interested in the view. We then headed home for a dinner of Pork Ribs and Edamame salad and waited for the rest of the crew to arrive.


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