Apr 11, 2008

Actual Tri content...

Spin class this morning was pretty good, it really makes my day much smoother when I start at the gym. I feel better and I tend to eat healthier as a result as well. Not a real tough class, but 45 minutes is much better than nothing... a nice run tomorrow morning, perhaps mountain biking Sunday and consistency is only a few days away. Volleyball has no more than 3 weeks remaining so I won't have the late night to contend with anymore.

In terms of tri content, it looks like I may become a USAT official this year. There aren't a lot of bennies, but you do get a free USAT membership. I will also definitely learn the rules I suppose, and I think it would be kind of fun. I'm trying to find a clinic and races that work for me, hopefully without impacting my family schedule too much.


Anonymous,  1:27 PM  

Dave you have way to much time on your hands! Just kidding! Great to see you this morning and glad to see you up and about again. Hopefully we will connect this evening, otherwise definetley tommorrow. Are you up for a morning spin class tommorrow, 7 AM? I hope you have a great rest of the day.

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