Apr 7, 2008

Rocked in Third

Not as good a race as we would have liked, we struggled a bit and took a swim a couple of times but ultimately finished in third for a nice t-shirt!

We took the line to the right through the rapids and made it most of the way before getting hung up. Then after I pushed us off and we tried to jump back in we got unbalanced and went over again. My aunt has the whole sequence in gruesome frame by frame glory on her camera, I will post the pictures when I get them.

I also jammed my thumb back pretty hard at the portage and had trouble gripping the paddle for the second half of the race but we still managed to stay pretty strong, mostly thanks to my brother. Our second mishap occured while we were passing another boat and got jammed against a log while they took the inside route.

In any case, a second and a third in two weeks of racing is nothing to sneeze at I suppose.

EDIT: Pictures from the race photographer starting here... the sequence is about 5-6 pictures long, I've seen my aunt's shots, and they are definitly better.


Anonymous,  8:18 AM  

Great Race and Congratulations. After seeing how the race is actually done with other participants, their energy and the race course, Rapids and etc, I know how difficult and competitive it is!.

Someday i hope to race..It was so much fun.

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