Apr 8, 2008

Pics from the Hock

As promised... a couple of pictures from the Hockanum race this weekend. My buddy Satish took the the first couple, which were prior to the race start. This first picture is my brother and I with my uncle attempting to butt in from the back. I would try to make a witty comment, but he and his son did beat us to finish first in our class, a couple of minutes ahead of us. Eric and his friend Greg who you can also see to the left in the green shirt(he was in a kayak by himself this year) have raced the Hock for well over 10 years, and havebeen placing just about every year as well. Matt and I definitely wanted to beat them, but we'll take a third place finish!
This picture is of Jack and I, another co-worker who was attempting to purge a dismal 2004 race result (see Cassada, Jack) from his record! The good news is that he did have a better race... results pending!
The final set of shots is our attempt at navigating the right side of the rapids. It may be a bit faster, but it's also riskier, and we paid the price here as we got a little antsy when pushing off a rock and went over as we were climbing back in the boat. Not a particularly pretty sequence...


Jakada 7:51 PM  

Appreciate the link to the 2004 results! !%@$##@$...just can't let that go...but 2008 was a different story...comeback kayaker of the year...nice photos...what's next now? TRAINING!!! Me and Satish road show to the MooseMan!!

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