Jan 12, 2009

Busy weekend

Busy weekend with my mountain biking buddy Josh getting married! What do you suppose the chances are that he's going biking with me anytime soon? Seriously though, congratulations to him and Carol.

Looking forward to tonight's volleyball game... or rather I should say that I'm looking forward to next session of volleyball since we're going nowhere with this team. I have a couple more weeks, and then probably a 3 week intermission as the playoffs happen, until I can start playing meaningful games again. Just going to use the time to have fun and practice what I need to do better.

More snow this weekend means that outdoor biking is probably delayed again... it was getting close to feasible, but it's pretty tough to ride in more than an inch of snow. I'm still game if someone is interested, but I tend to have trouble finding others crazy enough to go out with me in these conditions.

Lastly, I've settled on a style for the blog for now... subject to change of course!


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