Jan 6, 2009

Losing Sucks

I hate losing, it really irritates me! My wife occasionally suggests that I may be a bit too competitive and she's probably right; losing at anything drives me nuts. What's even worse, is when I'm not even close to winning.... Yeah, we lost 3 games of volleyball last night.

It's very frustrating because I can't figure out how to fix it. I hate to keep whining about other people on my team, so I'll just continue to focus on improving myself. Eric reminding me again last night about better bumping technique, and I'll try to ingrain that a bit more next week. My Overhand serve has gotten pretty good, although I'm mixed about whether or not to keep employing it. Unless it puts pressure on the other team, it's no different than an underhand serve, but with a bit more risk. For the rest of this session, I suppose it's worth continuing to stay aggressive since there is not much to play for.

The other key factor for me is continuing to work back into shape. December was a bit of a blah month, and my legs were a bit affected. When I'm feeling poorly and a bit tight, I don't get as much of a jump and can do very little to block opposing spikes. Last night, I felt my legs under me a bit better and had some nice blocks as a result, a couple in the games and a few more during pickups. Of course this fits well with some of my other goals for the year, so better fitness would be good!

Only two more weeks left, time to sign up again for next session.


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