Feb 20, 2009


Ouch, four days of spinning this week and all with Deb the instructor from Hades! She was subbing for the other teachers this week, I assume because of the school vacation week. You know that you are going to be working hard when Deb shows up because she yells at you the whole time, even by name if she has to :) She actually got off the bike on Thursday and walked around to give us grief. She stopped by my bike and accused me of not even breathing hard, pretty funny actually.

It's actually been a real good week, both exercise and diet have aligned enough that I can feel and see a difference after only 5 days. I guess I'm back to working on consistency, another couple weeks in a row like this and I'm sure I'll see a big difference in my riding again. Next week I'm going to try running after spin class on at least two days so that I can ease back into Triathlon mode.


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