Mar 5, 2009

House project

Couple people have asked about the house project that I've been working on with my Dad and Brother. I found a good shot of it using the Live Maps online, check it out here  It's the house on the triangle lot next to the railroad tracks, with the garage and pool in the backyard.  The pool is pretty interesting actually, a huge custom poured concrete pool.  It's something like 60' by 25' if I recall correctly, maybe I could even use if for training in the spring!

The idea is to rehab the house and sell it after we sub-divide the land. We're hoping to get 4 lots out of the property in addition to the house, but may have to settle for just 3 more. The house needs some work, but ultimately it's going to be pretty nice. Four bedrooms total with big closets, plus a downstairs laundry and Master bedroom. If anyone is looking for a nice house in a couple of months, let me know!

I've been helping with demo so far but just started doing a little painting. A couple rooms are going to pretty much stay how they are with the exception of paint, so we decided to get a head start on that part.


Jack 8:58 PM  

awesome house!

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