Feb 6, 2010

Week 1

My food intake for the week so far, the averages are off a bit since it's for 5 and 1/2 days, I may update this after I finish my meals for today. I'm guessing I will be around 2500 calories and right at 100 grams of carbs, maybe higher. This week has really taught me that keeping carbs down is a really tough chore, but it clearly works for weight loss. I'm down to 214 already, which is about 4 pounds for the week without really feeling hungry. A pound or two of that is probably normal fluctuation, but it's still feels pretty good to see that number on the scale.

The true test will be the rest of the weekend, tougher to eat strictly for me with 2 nights with friends planned. If I can come of out the weekend in good shape I'll be really happy with the progress I've made and excited for the weeks to come.


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