Jan 9, 2008

Quick review - The Tea Stop

A bit of a digression from my usual topics, but I wanted to mention a fascinating new weight-loss product I've tried... no, not really! Or at least it's not exactly a weight-loss product, although it is probably helping me with one of my goals which is to stay more hydrated to keep from overeating as much during the day.

I ordered some loose tea from The Tea Stop to add to my collection of tea at work. I've been a tea drinker off and on, but lately I had drifted into the hardcore land of Starbucks coffee which is available in the lobby of my building (I wonder if my company did any studies on increased productivity from the vast quantities of caffeine consumed since they added the coffee stand) I wanted to get back in the tea habit a bit since I enjoy it, and it would be quite a bit cheaper not buying coffee.

I ordered two teas to try, a China Drum Mountain white tea, and a black licorice tea. Both were really good, I've been a white tea fan for a while and I really liked the mellow flavor which really was nice after lunch. The black licorice tea is billed as an energy booster, and I didn't notice a significant letdown from the lack of coffee which was a good sign. My only current issue is that I'm not sure exactly how to tell how much to use as I'm just grabbing a pinch from the bag. The site does give you how much you should use, but it's hard to tell how much is an oz. when I grab a bit. I'm sure I get a feel for it as I go, but if that's my only complaint that I'm pretty happy.


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