Jan 8, 2008

Volleyball Week 8

Whoops, looks like I missed week 7 which is okay since it was mostly forgettable anyway. I suspect my uncle feels otherwise however since it was his team we lost too... but lets move on to this week.

As a team we played pretty well, winning 2 out of 3. It was critical to win since they were the team directly ahead of us for a playoff spot. I think we could have taken all three games, but we couldn't finish them off the last time. Personally, the first game was probably my best all-around game that I've played. I had at least 5 kills and 2 blocks and was a solid force on the front line. I also limited my mistakes in the back row, and served well. We really played very well as a team the first game. The second two games I didn't get as many opportunities, but I still played well when I got the chance to make some plays.

After my game, I got on the bike for 50 minutes and then on the elliptical for another 20 while waiting for the other games to finish so I could play pickup. It was a pretty forgettable pickup game for me, although my uncle seemed to be all over the net. It's still a lot of fun though and I'm enjoying it enough to sign up for another session.


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