Jan 18, 2008

Swimming stupid

My hubris on Tuesday, claiming that I was beginning to like kick sets, did come back to bite me albeit in a different form. I was again feeling cocky on Thursday and after having swum the first of ten intervals of 100's, including 25 backstroke and 75 free, I decided that the interval was too long. I mentioned this to the coach and he shrugged and said knock yourself out. If you want to decrease it go ahead. So I chopped 30 seconds off the rest time, not a particularly good idea.

Of course, the first interval is a lot different than the ninth or tenth, and eventually the 30 secs of rest I got dwindled to about 4 seconds and changed the game quite a bit! After the workout, the coach suggested that I remember that more rest isn't necessarily bad. I get his point, and in this case he's probably right although I do still feel at times that I need to be challenged a bit more.

Plus, a side benefit of decreasing the interval meant that I was punishing my brother at the same time :)


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