Jan 15, 2008

Volleyball Week 9

An all around good result last night, 3-0. We really needed these wins too, as we are tied with another team for the final playoff spot with one week remaining. The other team currently owns the tiebreaker which is point differential, so we need to win out and hope they don't. It would be nice to at least be in the play-offs, and as our play has improved a great deal of late perhaps at least challenge to advance. We would be playing the top seed, and it would be pretty tough to advance, but it would be nice to keep playing.

On a personal note, I played fairly well with a couple nice spikes and a few more good digs. My passing from the back line is improving, but still needs a lot of work. My best spike of the night, and perhaps the season occurred when I went against my brother and rifled a shot past him that no-one could get too. It's always a bit sweeter with some good-natured rivalry.

I skipped the pick up games to head home and finish some work and to get up early for swimming this A.M. Don't tell my coach, but I think I may be starting to enjoy backstroke. Even the kick sets didn't seem quite as bad this morning!


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