Apr 13, 2007

100 days... but not a good week.

It's been a unmotivating week, I was hoping to get out on my bike more but the weather has been crappy and I haven't felt like it. In general I'm feeling a bit burned out but I'm hoping my vacation next week will re-energize me.

In other exciting news, 100 days to go! The combination of less motivation and less time is not really a good one, but I'm still in good shape in terms of training. My longs runs are adequate, I just need to work up to a few 6 hr rides and some longer swims and I should be okay. I found a local tri club that does morning open water swims at Crystal Lake in Ellington where I've done my swims on the weekend in past years, so I'm pysched to be able to do that during the week with others. It's not a good idea to do open water swims by yourself.

I'll be in Florida next week, so probably not a lot of posting... lots of swimming, but I'm not sure it will count as training!


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