Apr 2, 2007

101 - Monthly Summary

With a bit of stumbling around on Saturday, I did it! Hit 101 miles for the month, just barely on Saturday, and man my legs are sore. I had to run 36 miles in 7 days in order to reach my goal, but it's pretty cool to be able to say it. It was pretty good to have a stretch goal, it really kept me pushing forward to get some more runs in. Here's the numbers:

Swim - 2 hrs - Ouch! I should be able to get into the lake in April, so this will ramp up
Bike - 19 hrs, 332 miles - Respectable for the month
Run - 17 hrs, 101 miles - Woohoo
Other - 9 hrs

Another big month overall, I hit 47 hours total for the month. The push to get runs in really help me get some time in, and as result I seem to have pushed through my plateau of 220 pounds. I'm going to set another stretch goal for this month, focused on the bike but I haven't figured out what it should be yet. I'm going away for a week where I wont' be able to get on the bike, so I can't go too crazy with the mileage, but I'm going to start commuting to work hopefully this week so that will help get in some miles. I should also be able to get off the trainer and get outside, so that should help as well. My biggest bike month so far is 378 miles, so I'm thinking of trying to hit 500. That may not be realistic with a whole week off, but I'm going to try and lay out the month and see.


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