Apr 30, 2007

Just keep swimming... or start anyway.

It was a good weekend, lots of time on the bike and I had a lot of fun with the girls on Saturday with track starting. I help out with the youth track program, we do mostly cross-country running although we will try some of the other stuff like long-jump, relays etc. My brother came and ran with us for a bit although we didn't do as much running as we usually do since it was the first day and we're getting the kids used to the program. My middle girl started this year, and had a really good time! I was very encouraged that she will enjoy the running even if she is a tad young still. It's nice to be able to help a bit in my community and spend some time with my kids as well.

I'm also looking forward to swimming tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous since this will be my first time with a coach and (I'm assuming) a more formal workout. In the past I've just gone and swam for a while. Hopefully I won't embarrass myself too much! I'm really hoping this will help me a lot in the swim, I need to become more efficient so that I'm not totally out of gas when I exit. I haven't had a lot of trouble finishing the swim in the past, but I definitely feel it when I get out. If I can be more efficient I should be able to go harder on the bike and run and thus more swimming should help all three sports.

I'll be sure to post tomorrow on how it goes.


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