Apr 2, 2007

I Rocked the Hock!

Yesterday my brother Matt and I did the Hockunum River Race, the third year in a row for me. It was a pretty good time, although the river was much more calm than the Scantic the week before. Essentially that means that we didn't go swimming and actually competed in our class, taking second place. We were rewarded a blue t-shirt for our efforts, it goes nicely with the green one I won 2 years ago. The water was a bit low, and we ran aground in a couple of spots but managed to navigate through the rapids without too much trouble. I jumped out and pushed the canoe over most of the rocks, since you tend to get hung up there anyway which you can see a lot of if you look at the pictures. After that section of rapids, it's pretty twisty and fast at points but you tend to do a lot of paddling. My arms are a bit sore this morning.

My uncle and cousin won thier class as usual, although they were competing against little kids :) Also racing were Greg, a friend of ours who took 3rd in the long kayaks, and my brother-in-law Sean.

Only one picture that I could find.



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