Apr 5, 2007

Weighty question

I got asked an interesting question today by a co-worker, "If running 100 miles doesn't help take off the weight, what will?" So I decided to do a little check on some trends and built this chart based on the data I've collected over the last few years. The chart doesn't start at my highest weight, I wasn't using the spreadsheet at that point, I had dropped close to 35 pounds in the 6 months before this chart starts. Interesting that the rate of loss slowed dramatically since I started tracking, not sure what that means.

What I was trying to determine was if there was a correlation between running and weight loss or total workout time and weight loss. The 3 peaks in running do have a corresponding lowering in weight, but the trend isn't as clear cut as I was hoping. Extra miles on the bike also seem to have an effect, so I suspect it's a clearer relationship between total workout time and weight loss. In any case, interesting data.


Keith P.,  11:56 AM  


You should factor in %fat and lean body mass. Assuming you are gaining at least some lean body mass your total weight would tend to flatline.

I would think you get to a point where it is harder to decrease %fat, maintain lean body mass and still maintain a intense training schedule.

Mangold DW 2:40 PM  

That's definitely true... except I don't have a good measure of that. I have 2 data points over the last 3 years for %fat, and plan to take another test this summer.

There does seem to be a bit of trend towards faster weight loss when excercise is increased, but I think it's more affected by better eating habits.

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