Apr 27, 2007

Master's Swimming

It took awhile, but it looks like the Master's swim thing is getting off the ground in Suffield. Tuesday and Thursday morning at 5 they will be having a one hour swim for 5 bucks with coaching. My other option is M-W-F at 6 at Crystal Lake if I join the Cyclonauts which has the benefit of being a bit later and open water, but no coaching. I think I'm going to do both. Perhaps once a week get some coaching in Suffield, then a few open water swims at the lake. I think that really is the best of both worlds.

Now that vacation is past me and I'm in crunch time my schedule is looking like this for a typical week.

Mon - 1 hour spin class, 20 min run brick, 1 hour Yoga class at work
Tues - Masters swim, 1 hour Yoga class at work
Wed - swim?, Ride bike to work, run mid-length run
Thur - Ride to work, Yoga class at work
Fri - swim at Crystal Lake, run at work
Sat - Long bike, sometime brick run,
Sun - mtb a.m., long run.

This schedule through May and June will give me 3-4 swims, 3-4 runs, and 3-4 bikes per week, plus 3 yoga classes a week. That seems just about perfect for the big push. Over the course of two months I should be able to build my swim to an appropriate level where I can just survive the IM swim, my runs can stay pretty much static or increase a bit and I feel like I will be okay (I need to work up to 2 1/2 hr runs, and I've already done a number of 2 hr plus runs). Long bike is currently at 50-60 miles, and I need to increase that quite a bit but I'm thinking a few times on the way home from work I can go the long way and get some longer rides in. I need to schedule a few 6 hour rides, and that is going to be tough to do with my current schedule.


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