May 8, 2007

Adding up

Lots of workouts in lately, I'm starting to feel some overall fatigue. Fours hours total on the bike yesterday after back to back bike rides over the weekend plus a long run equals sore legs! I banged up my knee on Sunday on the mountain bike when my chain slipped as I was motoring up an incline. I fell forward and slammed the knee into the handlebar and bruised it pretty good. It's still a bit swollen today, and feels pretty stiff. It hasn't kept me from running and biking, but it's definitely harder.

My swim went well this morning, I got to do a little backstroke which seems to be tougher on the legs than the freestyle stroke. Then of course, the kick set came up which was just brutal since my legs are feeling so sore already. There was a much bigger group there this morning, two other master swimmers, and a couple more from the swim team. The pool was full, and one lane even had two in it.

Still feels like good progress, my worry has now shifted to how I'm going to get in some longer bike rides. I'm getting the repetition and base mileage, but my schedule isn't real conducive to the 6 hr plus rides that I'm going to need.


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