May 15, 2007

Swimming forward

After this morning, I'm over 11,000 yards for the month! That's almost as much as the total year to date prior to May. I can't say it's been entirely fun, in fact I'm pretty tired again today, but overall I'm pleased with the training so far this month. I've started to understand why coaches advocate a recovery week, as towards the end of last week I was pretty drained.

I've taken a day off yesterday, mostly because I wasn't feeling good at all, and I'm feeling better now. I just had not been able to get my legs back under me after the track workout last Wed. It does seem to help when I take some time to recover, but I still feel the pressure of making sure I get the miles in that I need in order to be prepared.

Long open water swims in Crystal Lake should start this week with the Cyclonauts, so my swimming time will increase even more. I'm concerned about how to keep up the cycling mileage, but we'll have to wait and see how it works out.


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