May 7, 2007

Monthly Summary - Excuse time

Well... I've delayed posting partially because it wasn't a great month. It was a big bike month, but the other sports were pretty week

Swim - 1 hr 3k yards - Ouch again, but swimming has now ramped up as you can tell from my posts
Bike - 463 miles, 27 hrs - Started commuting to work, and been consistently riding on the weekends.
Run - 40 miles, 9 hrs - Way down from last month, I think the push for 100 burned me out a bit.

Overall, it was decent with the increase in bike. I want to make that a primary focus for the rest of my training towards Lake Placid along with consistent swim workouts. As I've mentioned in the past, I've done some long runs already and I have no illusions of being able to run the marathon fast anyway. Biking should build my endurance, and then I can muddle through the run.


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