May 3, 2007

Swimming part deux

Swimming again this morning in Suffield... it went better than the first day. I was much more comfortable with what we were doing and was able to push a bit more. For example the last set was 25yards on 1:00 rest. I pushed pretty hard, and averaged around 19-20 seconds and then got some decent rest. The first 10 or so were pretty easy but they started to get tough. I did 24 total and I could really feel my stroke shorten a bit and I was unable to pull all the way through the last few yards. This was sort of an epiphany for me since I haven't done an organized workout like this before and I could really feel the different parts of my stroke. It seems backward, but getting tired and noticing how my stroke degraded really helped me understand better how to swim I think.

Monthly summary to come...


Anonymous,  10:49 AM  

Which part of the Training (Biking Vs Swimming VS jogging) was most effective for weight loss?

Mangold DW 11:13 AM  

Actually... it's diet. Of the 3 sports, I think running is what triggers the most weight loss in me, but it's more impacted by what I eat than any exercise I do.

Of course biking makes me really hungry, so that may be why it's less effective.

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