May 21, 2007

Motivation and other thoughts

Motivation is a funny thing, sometimes it's easy to get sometimes it's hard. I have the Mooseman 1/2 iron coming up in two weeks, but I've struggled this past weekend to get the workouts in. My running has been weak, and I just can't seem to want to push that hard. Oh well, it's a bit of a down spot, but it will come back I'm sure.

I should be starting open water swims with the Cyclonauts this week on Wed. and Fri. Combined with Masters on Tues. and Thurs, that will be a ton of swimming for me at least. Not sure how long I will keep up that schedule, but I'm hoping to have a real breakthrough in the water if I can. I just have to make sure I still have time to bike and run as well.

Tomorrow I'm planning to run right after my swim in Suffield. The pool is actually right along the 10k course I raced last summer, so I think I will run that course and then head to work. I'm also thinking of riding the bike after swimming sometime from there, I would have access to some nice biking roads as well. I'd probably want to bring my stuff to work ahead of time and then end up at work as it would not be that fun to wear a backpack in the aero position on the bike. Something like this route, only in reverse and starting at the Suffield Academy

Hoping for a good week...


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