Feb 12, 2008

A good start

Season two for me in Volleyball started last night and we got off to a pretty good start. We came close but lost the first game as we started to get used to playing with each other. We won the second two pretty easily and it was pretty clear that we have a really good team. Lots of talent from hitters to setters, with no glaring weaknesses. I felt that I played pretty well, but didn't get many oppurtunites, a feeling which was echoed by my teammates afterwards. We have lots of good players, so we rotated quickly and kept everyone involved.

The really good thing was that we didn't have anyone without range. In fact, one of the reasons we lost the first game was that we were running all over the place. It took a game for us to realize that we could all stay in position and feel confident that our teammate would get the ball hit to them. This meant our passing was better and we had people ready to take advantage of every chance.

Personally, I need to continue to work on my passing (what else is new?) and take my shots when I can. I've gotten better, but I'm still a bit erratic when passing from the back line. I played fairly well in pickup later in the evening, but unfortunatly whacked my finger again. It hasn't seemed to heal completely, and then gets reinjured. I'll have a week off, to see if that helps as I'm traveling to Florida this coming weekend and will miss the game next Monday. Hopfully my team will be able to hold things together without me :)


Anonymous,  12:09 PM  

Good show and Good start. Remember-Your fans want championship!!

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